Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wedding Planner

My middle daughter is getting married here in October and we are already deep in "arrangements." Not being experts in this area, we have a guidebook which tells us who should do what and when.

Mother of the bride has some very specific responsibilities, most of which she won't do because others have already taken them on. So I don't have to arrange "transport" and "entertainment" for instance, since the groom is rather interested in those.

But choosing an outfit, losing enough weight to wear it and finding a hat that will count as wedding-y enough without making me look like a mushroom, are tasks I cannot delegate.

If you add this to writing the current book by the end of July, doing promotion, including a month-long Blog Tour, for David, reviewing other people's books, attending the Bologna Book Fair and setting up a new joint blog venture, of which more here anon, I think I shall be rather busy.

Oh and championing libraries, of course. I went to the Parish Council Meeting on the Bampton Library this week, where the County Councillor with responsibility for libraries could not answer my questions and the Director (ditto) was inaudible. There were 110 people there from babies in buggies to veteran library-users with walking aids.

The elected member and officer both seemed to think that a/ libraries were solely about books, so Mobile libraries could solve the problems of delivery and b/ if you own a car you won't mind driving it further to a "hub" library. Have they not heard of global warming or is that someone else's department?