Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A Green Thought in a Green Shade

I'm very bad at doing nothing. Very bad indeed. I'm very good at footling, faffing and generally wasting time. But not nothing.

Today I had a lovely walk in the sunshine of two hours including coffee break, with just one other person. Came back and faffed and footled for an hour before taking my (green salad) lunch out into the garden to eat on my green and white swing seat.

It was blissful. And after lunch I MADE myself lie on the swing seat for another half hour, not writing, not on the computer, not listening to the radio just looking at all the shades of green in my back garden and glinting in the eyes of one of my cats, who was sitting on the back of the swing seat.

(Until she burrowed under my - green - cotton jumper)

Then I came indoors and wrote a book review.

But I'm quite proud of that half hour. I am not very good at living in the moment and enjoying the now, even though I realise I am greatly blessed in my life, love, family and work. It's my birthday tomorrow and just for today I thought I would rejoice - nay, wallow - in the pleasure of lying in a green garden on a sunny day, without feeling any guilt. It worked!

May you all know many such moments.


  1. That is such a wonderful thing to do and I am so glad you did it, Mary. I, too, am awful at doing nothing. There is always some fiddling on the computer that can be done, or some worrying about a recalcitrant child or some such. And there are ALWAYS tasks that have been left undone. But to do nothing is a wonderful thing. I wonder if we could set a target of doing nothing for 15 mins a day? It seems rather a lot.... But you have set a fine example and made it sound most attractive.

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!I agree with Anne that 15 minutes a day should be reclaimed. But the guilt over the footling just keeps us ... footling, I guess.